The Yoga Barn

Break away from your daily routine and experience the ancient discipline of yoga in the magical Riebeek valley. Claudia Gurwitz started the Yoga Barn in 2007 and has relocated to the Cape Town studio in 2019. Danielle Rittel joined the Yoga Barn in February 2017. Students can enjoy Danielle’s wonderful teaching for all weekly classes.

At The Yoga Barn, we offer classes to accommodate students of all levels. Beginners classes help to cultivate an understanding of basic yoga principles; they are also an opportunity for all students to work on their foundation practice. The General level classes are for everyone. Vinyasa Flow is a fun workout to build strength and endurance.

All students can enjoy this weekly process, absorbing their yoga practice more holistically into their lifestyle.

Weekend Workshops are organised a few times a year with both national and international guest teachers.

Weekly Class Times
Monday 5.30pm-6.45pm (General Level)
Wednesday 8am-9.15am (General Level)
Thursday 5.30pm-6.45pm (Beginners Level)
Friday 8am-9.15am (Steady Flow)