Rooted ,Solo Exhibition- Sander Mahieu

Rooted combines a series of new paintings with artwork from 2020, providing the visitor with an intimate view of Sander Mahieu’s exploration of inner and outer landscape and a sense of place.
Having moved to South Africa seven years ago, Sander’s paintings speak of his roots in the Netherlands and his search for belonging and rootedness in his adopted country. His landscapes reveal an unconscious pull towards the Dutch landscape, the familiar habitat within the psyche, while engaging in an ongoing conversation between the past and present place.
His creative process is one of making peace with the disconnection between “feeling the inner landscape” and “experiencing the current, outer landscape”. In this transformative space, he is putting down roots through the creative act and re-imagining the relationship between inner and outer landscape.
His work shows a progression towards becoming Rooted in present place, while the past still echoes through his work. Reflecting this tension, a series of nine smaller paintings, entitled Forgotten Landscapes create an interesting dialogue between deeply imprinted feelings of home and the shooting of new roots.
• Sunday, 18 April 2021 | Monday, 10 May 2021
Riebeek Valley Tourism | Gallery 7 on Plein