On Two Wheels

On Two Wheels
The Riebeek Valley is surrounded by breathing taking farms, mostly vineyards and wheat. (The older generation will probably remember Trix Pienaar with her Swartland accent, in the Weetbix advert on TV, many moons ago!)  These farms provide beautiful gravel roads, that may be used by the public, especially mountain bike enthusiasts.  Many of the roads around the Valley link to one another, so you can decide if you would like a short flat route, or a longer one with rolling hills.
We also have a Riebeek favorite ride aptly called  ‘Around the Mountain’. Which is of course, around the Kasteelberg Mountain.  From Riebeek Kasteel, it is about 26km from start to finish, with 445m climb.  A few kilometers on the tar road, including Bothmaskloof Pass, with beautiful views.  On the other side of the mountain, you will take in the views of the farms in Riebeeksrivier area.  Wide open spaces + Fresh air = a perfect combination to clear your head.  There are a few short uphills and down hills, but all in all, it is really just a fun ride which is suitable for any type of rider.  There is a quaint farm stall en route where you can stop for a coffee or cold drink, should you need a breather.
If you visit the valley for a weekend, please do not leave your 2 wheel friend at home.  Bring it along and come and enjoy an early morning ride – it will make that pizza/beer/ hamburger, taste so much better!
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