Riebeek Valley a safe, COVID-compliant destination

Riebeek Valley a safe, COVID-compliant destination

The festive season is here! All throughout the Riebeek Valley, restaurants, guest houses, hotels, shops, and activity providers are excitedly gearing up to welcome local and international visitors to our beautiful neck of the woods.

However, even though there is definitely a whole lot of holiday cheer in the air, it’s also worth noting that many South Africans and guests from abroad are still quite cautious about going out and spending time in public spaces. This is completely understandable, especially in the wake of the news about the Omicron variant and the resultant travel bans that were instituted after that.

To this end, we would like to share with you how Riebeek Valley as a destination is ensuring that our visitors enjoy a safe, COVID-compliant visit when they venture our way.

Larger gatherings are conducted outdoors

As recommended by the WHO, larger gatherings are hosted outdoors to ensure that people have sufficient space to practice safe social distancing. This was evident, for instance, at our recent Christmas-tree lighting ceremony on the town square during the First Fridays festivities.

Masks remain mandatory in public spaces

Mask-wearing, as mandated by South African law, remains mandatory throughout the Riebeek Valley. As permitted elsewhere, diners are allowed to remove their masks when they eat and drink, but need to replace it when they venture elsewhere in a restaurant or on a given premises.

Remember – if you see something, say something! If you notice any person or persons in the Riebeek Valley not wearing masks in public spaces, it is your right to raise questions. If this happens at a restaurant or store, we recommend asking the proprietor to deal with the situation. After all, the non-compliant person/s are putting their establishment at risk.

If it occurs in public, feel free to put in a call to our local police branch on (022) 448 1644 with details about where the non-compliant individuals were spotted or encountered. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the tourism office, and we will pass on the information to law enforcement.

Sanitisation is promoted everywhere

As is required by government, hospitality establishments and stores provide sanitiser at the door or entry, of which visitors are expected to make use before they enter the premises.

Hospitality employees are encouraged to vaccinate

COVID-19 vaccination has been proven effective in curbing the spread of the virus, and lessening the impact of the disease if contracted after vaccination. As such, hospitality employees have been encouraged to vaccinate and the majority have already received their vaccinations in order to ensure the safety and comfort of guests we receive in our valley.

There you have it – a few of the ways in which the restaurants, guest houses, hotels, shops, and activity providers in the Riebeek Valley are taking care to provide guests with a safe, COVID-compliant experience in our region. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you would like to learn more.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings in our area. There is so much to look forward to throughout the festive season and beyond!